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Ultrafast and Nonlinear Optics of Low-Dimensional Systems
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Our focus is understanding dynamics of excited states in condensed phase systems. We are particularly interested in excitonic interactions in low-dimensional and nanoscale systems including colloidal II-VI semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots, graphene quantum dots, and layered materials. We also exploit the sensitivity of second-order nonlinear optical processes to the breaking of inversion symmetry to probe systems where bulk inversion symmetry is broken as at the surfaces of inversion symmetric materials.

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John A. McGuire
Associate Professor
Office: School of Physical Science and Technology 6-202E
E-mail: jamcguire [at]

Mailing Address:
School of Physical Science and Technology, Bldg. 6 Room 202E
ShanghaiTech University
393 Huaxia Middle Road
Pudong New District, Shanghai, China 201210